What is Advocates For National Development International (ANDI) ?


The establishment of Advocates for National Development International (ANDI) has gotten a strong inclination to the wish of nature through the distinctive and broad scope of comprehension at the side of its founder.

Even though ANDI has currently built clear-cut objectives in its constitution, the force behind its establishment is the strong desire of the founder to facilitate peace and harmony and integration of humanity worldwide and then the love for his nation.
Its formation has based on four (4) strong pillars: for educational reason, constitutional reason, social reason, and for religious reason.

ANDI was firstly formed in the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), where the founder received his university education, on the 4th of January 2016, the date of which the organization was generally established with only three university students; hence the acronym “AfND-UEW” was adopted.

Thereafter was another branch in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology (KNUST), established on 30th January 2018 firstly with only two campus students. In the process of acquiring members the founder was used to visiting lecture halls to announce its existence and the need for students’ participation.

As time proceeded, the executive body of ANDI thought of changing our name to make it more suitable to our general mission, therefore the word “international” was added. Hence the acronym “AfND” was changed to “ANDI” which automatically called for constitutional review on 1st January 2018.

It has been the focus of the founder (and his hardworking executives) to establish a branch in all tertiary institutions beyond the boundaries of Ghana and Africa. The reason for this mean of expansion is behind the ambition of the founder to reach and get on board not just the youth but the future leaders of the world who will get hold of this initiative and safeguard its purpose of establishment with diverse knowledge and experience in leadership and followership.

Ever since the establishment, we have never lived without challenges from different angles but the leaders still fight to move on, with a great enthusiasm and motivation from the founder.

Despite the great deal of enthusiasm from the founder, ANDI suffered from unstable executive members, which means people were appointed to occupy positions but later leave for several reasons. We hope to however make hay whilst the sun shines.

In summary, this is what we can say as the historic background of the Advocates for National Development International since we are only two years now and we call for your assistance in any form.


1. Propagating the good name of Ghana.

2. Encouraging Nationalism among Ghanaians.

3. Creating public awareness about pertinent national issues.

4. Promoting education and creativity among Ghanaian youth.

5. Promoting national peace and stability.

6. Promoting human rights and justice in the country.

7. Critically thinking and making analyses towards national development.

8. Enforcing discipline among the young generation.

9. Ensuring accountable governance


GENERAL OVERSEER: Marfo Hussain Yusif
0267673964 / 0241060990

PRESIDENT: Rafiu Issaka

VICE PRESIDENT: Miriam Nana Ama Amponsah
0557639102 / 0577237744

FINANCIAL SEC: Ayisheatu salifu


PUBLICITY OFFICER: Abdulai Zuga Sumaila


Arise Ghana Youth! Our Country, Our Pride!

Please do contact us with the following information and you shall sincerely be welcomed:

PHONE/WHATSAPP: 026 767 3964 | 020 067 6890 | 024 740 3063
EMAIL: therealadvocates91@yahoo.com
FACEBOOK: Advocates for National Development International


SourceAdvocates for National Development International (ANDI).

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