TammySisters Launches Maiden Album

TammySisters, Abigail Nyarko Nketiah and Rebecca Nyarko Nketiah
will be launching their Maiden Album any time soon.

The maiden album which contains 7 singles are set to hit the airwaves in no time.

Just like how the beginning of every good thing starts small, the TammySisters started their music career at a very young age during children’s service at the Church of Pentecost.

The turning point was after their Sunday school teacher spotted the gift in them on several occasions.

Interestingly, during their primary school days, they were made choir leaders.

This trend continued at the Junior High School level and even Senior High School.

Their quality leadership led them to another level as they were made the school choir leaders for and as well as Pentecost Student’s Association (PENSA)

Amazingly, the fire in them never quenched till today. This is what they referred to as gift from birth by God.

Asking about what led them into the gospel music ministry, they simply said, it is a calling.

Although the TammySisters are yet to have an album on their own, they are hoping to launch one in no time and work on other great albums.

Concerning their next move, they stated that if God permits, they will be entering into full time ministry.

“There are greater expectations and so we pray for God’s abundant blessings and long life”. They sigh.

TammySisters believe that, gospel music ministry is a calling by God to preach ‘the word’ in a melodic manner.

According to the twin singers, the primary focus of every gospel music should be preaching the word even though there are diverse means of preaching.

“Gospel music speaks the same as a pastor preaches, so if we are doing gospel, we should let the word reflect in the songs as well as every part of our lives and must be Christ- centered “. They emphasized.

They humbly ask every gospel music lover to keep their fingers crossed for the very best from the camp of the TammySisters.


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