As part of a it’s two months program under the Africa Extreme Tour, the Scientology Volunteer Minister is touring the Greater Accra Region of Ghana to educate and share educational material to students and individuals in the region

The leader of the AFRICA Extreme Pioneer Tour, Mr Yelbi Suleiman Abdallah and his team first paid a courtesy call on the Ministry of Education where they had a familiarization chat with Mr Ernest Wesley Oto, the Coordinator in charge of Development Partnership in Education of NGO’s of the Ministry of Education of Ghana.

The team therefore visited places such as GA West Municipal Assembly, Dannex Senior High school, Achievers Ghana (an NGO of Education), Africa Child Education Complex and Perfect Senior High school where over 1000 students benefited their tools for life improvement in both seminars and courses.

In an interview, Executive Director in charge of west Africa Mr. Yelbi Suleiman Abdallah of The Scientology Volunteer Minister said; “It is our vision to educate and train over 6000 students, individuals and organizations with the tools for life improvement courses and seminars Education across the the district and Municipalities of the Greater Accra Region”

He said, it’s mother Organization, Volunteer Ministers International will support Africa Extreme Pioneer Tour to also undertake a regional tour across some other African countries such as Nigeria, Republic of Benin, La Cote D’Ivoire, and Liberia

Whether serving in their own communities or on the other side of the world, the motto of the Scientology Volunteer Minister is “Something can be done about it.”

Volunteer Minister’s tools for life improvement enhances the quality human resources : as the study technology takes the lead

The Volunteer Minister International also extends help to anyone, anywhere and brings solutions to the millions

According to the Executive Director of of Africa Extreme Pioneer Tour Mr. Yelbi, with the support from it’s mother organization, Volunteer Ministers International, reach into Local communities, training thousands and bringing positive change to Towns and Cities around the WORLD.

Anyone with a desire to help others, no matter their Creed, Faith or Gender may enroll through

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