Polytanks Ghana introduces new products designs

Polytanks (Gh) Ltd, the lead producers of plastic storage tanks, containers and packaging in Ghana has introduced new designs for some of its non-storage products such as Poly kiosk, Plastic pallets, Road barriers and Traffic cones.

These products upgrade and extension seek to address the progressive growth and trend of plastics replacing traditional materials such as wood and metals whilst re-echoing Polytanks commitment to consistent innovation and manufacturing of high-quality products to suit the changing human and environmental needs.

In a statement issued in Accra and signed by Mr. Ashok Mohinani, the Executive Director of the Mohinani Group, the new designs and upgrades were necessary and influenced by shopper and consumer insights gathered through formal and informal research as well as the changing lifestyle of consumers and patrons.

“These products have been designed and upgraded with the highest quality raw materials, making them more durable, compact, mobile friendly and very affordable,” he said.

Throwing more light on the products, Mr. Mohinani expressed satisfaction with the upgrade and new designs which he stated improves safety and comfortability. Additionally, he announced that the new Poly kiosk is now lighter, adjustable, offers varied colours, occupies a smaller space and ideal for vendor shops.

The Executive Director stated that the new road barrier has its length ranging between 1.5 and 2.0 meters whilst the Traffic Cone is road user-friendly, tough, easy to re-load and re-locate.

On the plastic pallet, Mr Mohinani assured Ghanaians of its durability and robustness due to its weather-resistant ability and the capacity to carry load without breaking. He added that the latest upgrade took into consideration the various industry usage hence adding a hygiene-sensitive element during the production process to make it suitable for health conscious industries such as Pharmaceuticals and FMCG’s.

Mr. Mohinani assured Ghanaians of equal distribution of the new product across the country through all its distributor partner outlets and shops.

Polytanks (Gh) Ltd is a member of the Mohinani Group and has over the past 20 years provided a wide range of plastic storage and packaging products in Ghana. Polytank chartered the cause for the manufacturing of water storage tanks, dustbins, septic tanks, fish tanks and other widely used plastic containers in Ghana and West Africa.

The Mohinani Group celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2016 with a CSR initiative aimed at Educating Ghanaians on Waste Management and proper recycling.


Source: Polytanks Ghana Ltd

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