Parliament invites GWCL over water crises

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) management was summoned by the Parliament over the water shortage which has hit the state over two weeks now.

The Communications Director of the GWCL, Stanley Martey while explaining to the house stated that they are putting together a schedule to aid in distribution and tapping of water for use.

The company had further stated that the cause of the water shortage was due to the heavy pollution as well as the dry season the country is currently experiencing.

He had further indicated that the State will have to endure the crises and pray harder for the situation to turn around.

However the Water and Housing Committee has demanded more answers to the current state of the water situation.

Sampson Ahi, the Ranking Member of the the committee and MP for Bodi in the Western region, has expressed the worries of the Members of parliament over the crises and demanded that the GWCL to provide more details to the situation.

He said, “We have invited the Minister for Water Resources and Sanitation as well as the management of Ghana Water Company to come and brief us on the water situation in the country and also to tell us plans they are putting in place to address the problem.”

He further added that the meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 6.



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