FULL STORY! This is what Sammy Flex said that got Bullet angry!

The Chief Executive Officer of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet has expressed utmost disappointment in Samuel Atuobi Baah (Sammy Flex), who doubles as Head of Communications at Zylofon Media and host of Zylofon FM’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’ over a comment he made on his show on Monday.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Ebony’s demise and a supposed pending deal between her and Zylofon Media, Sammy Flex remarked “I can say with authority that if this deal had gone through, the money Bullet would have made, if he even worked with Ebony for 20 years, that money, he would not have it in bulk like that.”

Deeming the statement as disrespectful, Bullet on Okay FM’s Drive Time show rebutted in fury.

“What are you talking about? Are you God? Do you know how much money we have? And can that money even save Ebony? Can that money bring her back? You don’t disrespect people like that! We’ve worked hard but… I don’t have a problem with anybody but for you to say Bullet cannot make $100,000 even in 20 years with Ebony… Do you know how much was involved in the Kasapreko Choco Malt deal?

“She was to be unveiled in March. It’s disrespect to RuffTown Records, Midas Touch… How can you pay Ebony Reigns $100,000? Is she that cheap? A queen? I need him to correct that on his platform,” he fumed.

“Ebony was not in bondage. She was an artiste who I can say was even dictating to management. She wasn’t under any strict management. Contracts have clauses in them but if she wanted a bail out, due to the relationship that existed between us, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Perhaps someone tried to persuade her with an amount.

“The amount invested in Ebony was even more than $100,000. How much is $100,000? Is Ebony worth $100,000? The biggest artiste in Ghana now; her bail out is $100,000? $100,000 is the price of Gadoe’s watch. That is not money. To respect her value as an artiste, you shouldn’t even mention $100,000. I don’t get it. Bail out in which way?” he queried.


Source: abrantepa.com

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