Free SHS, The Position Of Advocates For National Development

Congratulations, Ghana! The chapter five (5) of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana makes it clear the rights of Ghanaian individuals, of which education is of no exception. It is however worthwhile to recognise that the tag “right” has been very deceptive in real sense, as far as education to be precise in Ghana is concern. It has been indeed a privilege rather, we beg to differ.

It started from around the year 2000s where we began to be beneficiaries of our politician’s untrue stories of “free and quality education” within the primary and Junior High Schools. Together with employed teachers, other stakeholders contributed to further pollute such abstract freeness making it nasty in the eye of all persons of average standard of living. What these did was to acquire a “better” education for their wards by sending them to expensive and quite expensive schools and telling those below average standard of living to go to hell. By then, the maximum level of education and certificate children of such calibre could attain was that of the Junior High School. Life after this level is completely nothing to call home about.

Thoughtful personalities and organizations like the Advocates really hoped for a little opportunity where the capable but helpless students wouldn’t quit school and dump themselves in horrible situations because there is no money or sponsorship to attend to Senior High Schools. It is therefore a blessing, glory, merry making, praising and more appealing to witness the fulfilment of a genuine policy of the New Patriotic Party under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akofo Addo that is free Senior High School.

Even though the said policy has suffered numerous constructive criticisms from almost all leaders of our political parties and the general public, even voices of foreigners which of course is very important and not a new thing, it is a fantastic and unique favour for the country. The Advocates for National Development –Ghana, always want to make our status clear that we’re affiliated to no political party, group of persons or any body’s interest, we live for Ghana.

Now in our Ghanaian system and we believe in most places worldwide, jobs are mostly opened to Senior High School leavers where the public believe that such fellows have attained workable knowledge and skills. This implies that millions of fresh students in Senior High Schools who were energetic to begin school at 11th September, 2017 will complete in a three year time with such skills to earn a better living. The youth will have what it takes to be promising employees at the job market if all are not able to set up their own businesses. In addition to that, the stress on parents’ nerves in the payment of educational bills covering admission, health, books, P. T. A, food, teachers motivation, sports, dormitories and many more is eradicated. The opportunities for almighty bribery and corruption and embezzlement of state fund which were obvious within the educational sector have been terminated. Other beautiful children that this all-important policy has given birth to are Equity, Access and Quality which have brought about unity rather than equating students with distinctions to “high class schools” and abandoning others elsewhere.

The benefit is too significant beyond mentioning. It is however dissatisfactory that many, with their own reasons, are putting this initiative into a very tight corner. What we want to inform the public is that, first of all, nothing good comes easy. Due to that we are bound to face challenges in the initial stages. We must endeavour to be in support and pray hard for the maintenance of such honourable advantage rather than following the lot to pull down the legs of the government. Such attitude will yield no good fruit but retrogression, failure, humiliation and deception.

The Advocates for National Development is not only in full support of this policy, we strongly urge the youth not to remain spectators but to resume their responsibilities as citizens of Ghana by sticking to education as the fundamental necessity for personal and national development. Let us not therefore miss the least chance of grabbing this opportunity for our own good. We are most grateful too to the former president John Mahama for his effort to laying down the foundation of this merit. God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.



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