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  1. Creative can be in either of the



  1. a) .jpg
  2. b) .png
  3. c) .gif
  4. d) .flv/.mp4 (For Video Ad)


  1. Banner Size should not exceed 250kb Except for Video



  1. Our advertorial policy derives essentially from the spirit of our editorial policy and to that extent; it accommodates all range of commercial, opinion, view point, testimonies or contention with the strict exception of homophobia, pornography, defamation and abuse of religious and ethnic sensibilities


  1. To that extent we accept political and non-political adverts.



  1. All adverts must be received 1 week ahead of placement date to allow for production, testing and quality assurance. Campaigns will commence when evidence of payment has been received.


  1. Notice of extension of placement must be received 3 days, 1 week and 1 month in advance for weekly, monthly and yearly advert placements respectively.


  1. In event that no notice of extension is received within the stipulated time frame, the advert campaign will be terminated at the expiration of the contract

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