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The Newsman Website is Ghana’s leading general news and information destination online.

newsmanonline.com integrates credible Ghanaian content and perspectives.

Our name better reflects what this site is – and always has been – the Web site of Ghanaian online users. Since our establishment in February 2015, we have brought the news and information to all Ghanaians and to a large and growing online audience.

The Newsman news is updated with increasing depth and frequency in 24 hours daily, 7 days a week with follow-ups and breaking news, as well as exclusive reporting, entertainment and sports.

THE NEWSMAN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, the parent company of newsmanonline.com is an online media journal which gives news updates to both website and social media users in the World even before it heard as news elsewhere.

The Newsman is currently serving over one (1) million social media users nationwide and some part of the world. A research conducted to check which media house in Ghana serves the highest number of newspaper online reveals that, THE NEWSMAN is the only media to do so.

Besides, we have been providing some media houses with the newspaper images as well as the headlines which they normally use for their newspaper reviews.

The Newsman has now become a common household name in Ghana and Abroad when you think of the news at your doorstep.

Our social media platforms includes; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter.

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